Child abuse is a subject of great importance. If we are able to spot the signs of child abuse we can help the children and the familys to a better life. That´s what we can hope to achive. The main purpose is not to punish the abuser but rather to heal the broken family.

This concerns every individual in our society but even more the once that meet children in their line of work. Physichians, teachers, sport coaches, child care employees and so on. The main thing is not to judge if you suspect that you have identified a case of child abuse. The most important thing is to care for the child and the best way to do that is to contact the social authorities or the police depending on the situation at hand.

How common is child abuse?

Every day in the United States 3 childen are killed by physical abuse or neglect.

43 % of the killed children are under the age of 1 and 86 % is under the age of 6. The smaller the child the easier it gets killed by the abuse.

In Sweden, with a population of 9 million people, 3 000 children get severly abused every year.

The most common cause of death among these children is brain damage. 64 % of all head enjuries in  children under the age of 1 is caused by physical abuse. In that same age category abuse is responsible for 95 % of all severe head enjuries.

Who is the abuser?

It is more common that the abuser is a man than a woman.

In 50 % of the cases the biological father is the abuser.

In 20 % of the cases the abuser is the mothers new husband or boyfriend.

The biological mother is the abuser in 12 % of the cases.